wednesdays with sourdough

A day filled with bread is a day well spent.

The following is a brief photographic exposé of a day spent not only with bread but also in the exceedingly pleasant company of the incomparable Sheryl Julian, Food Editor for the Boston Globe; and Jaclyn Fishman: food writer, friend, and baker extraordinaire.


Jaclyn wrote this fantastic piece on sourdough for the Globe this week. Last week, she and I had the privilege to help Sheryl and a Globe photographer style and shoot the pictures for the pages. It was magical.

IMG_5048        IMG_5058

 Jaclyn baked cakes. And baguettes. And soft rolls and hard rolls and boules and biscuits. We had sourdough in every conceivable variation, and it was as if all my dreams had come true.

"ode to toast". one of my all time favorite foods.
“ode to toast”. one of my all time favorite foods.

Having the opportunity to eat delicious bread while learning the nuances of food photography and styling was this hungry kid’s equivalent of Christmas.  (It’s a work in progress though, we are clearly still learning here.)


But the best part is that you too can have all the sourdough your heart desires, because Ms. Fishman has shared her secret to starters in the article. Starters can last forever if they are well tended, and since they certainly are more versatile than you were thinking when you started reading this, hop to it! These mountains of carbs could be yours.


wednesdays with sourdough

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